The Perfect Male Body

The Perfect Male Body

Do you want to know how to get the perfect male body that girls instinctively desire? Are you looking for a technique that could give you the looks that other men would admire and respect? If you do then it is time that you find out a system that actually works. It is best that you know the Adonis Effect.

Before we move any further, you have probably heard everyone telling you how to train in order to get that perfect male shape. But, what exactly is the ultimate male body that you should look into? What does the shape look like?
The shape that you would have to aim for is the V-shaped torso. You can ask any woman the same exact questions. She would tell you that she would love to have a man with broad shoulders tapering towards a slim waist like that of a warrior.
Now, what does this imply? This simply means that the perfect male body proportions have already been realized thousands of years ago. We can take Michelangelo’s statue of David and Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man as perfect examples. Through the years, there is only little variation on how people measure and perceive what the perfect male physique is. This is where the Adonis Effect comes in.

So, the million dollar question is what exactly is the Adonis Effect? It is a step by step system developed by Brad Howard and John Barban that gives men a comprehensive muscle building program that focuses on getting “The Golden Ratio.” Basically, the “Golden Ratio,” also known as the “Adonis Index,” is the ratio of a man’s shoulders to his waist.

The Adonis Index is mainly the ratio of your shoulder to your waist, which is equal to 1.618. The program uses this specific measure to guide you in getting that attractive body so you would know where exactly you are starting. Other than that, with this basis, you can effortlessly see the progress you are having.

So, if you want to get that perfect physique and are looking into improving your seduction capabilities with women, this is exactly the formula that you should be using. If you desire to improve not just your looks but also your health, this solid program backed by Science and research would absolutely give you the kind of results that you have always wanted. Make sure to take advantage of such great opportunity and turn that body into a woman’s guilty pleasure and change your life for the better with the Adonis Effect System.

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Believing that you can actually win a woman through lifting weights and bulking up your muscles is the biggest fallacy ever formulated! The perfect looks for women are not simply just about how big your biceps are. There is actually a secret equation (if you would like to believe that) for the “perfect” physique that women look for.

 body measurements for men

body measurements for men

Society does make us think that being hugely muscled and well-chiseled can score us many dates. Actually, this is a very stereotypical idea of how to win a woman’s affection or attention. It is very stereotypical yet at the same time, has no hard evidence.

Do women really like men who spend hours of working out at the gym just to look like Vin Diesel or perhaps Dwayne Johnson?  You might be surprised to find out that the response is a big NO. Studies conclude that most women like men who have just the right body build contrary to the popular notion that the more muscled a guy is, the more women will be attracted to him. So, what exactly is the ideal body measurements in men?

You may think you have the wild guess for the perfect male body size but actually there is no specific “perfect” body size. It is not something you can pattern out of the Hollywood movie stars you see parading their hot bodies on TV. Most certainly not!

What exactly am I talking about here? It is the great program created by Brad Howard, Brad Pilon and John Barban which introduces a great and effective way to transform average body measurements of men into the “perfect” sizes proportional to their height. This is called the “Adonis Effect”.

The makers of “Adonis Effect” extracted the ideal body measurements for men from the art pieces depicting the Greek god, Adonis. If you may recall, Adonis had the tremendously young and impeccable body that the goddess Aphrodite fell in love with.The product comes in a down-loadable form with a vendor page that enables a custom-made program for achieving the ideal body by first putting the actual muscle measurements for men or the male client. From thereon, the program guides the clients on how to advance with the regimen and enjoy the attention they seek for from women.

This product is absolutely great because it enables you to actually keep track of your progress and how far you are from achieving your perfect body. You must take note that it is not the “perfect” physique that society entails you to have but rather, the ideal body that is perfectly proportional to your height.

The best thing about the “Adonis Effect” is that you can actually get a 60-day trial and if you are not satisfied, you can return the product and get your money back! Isn’t that the best deal for achieving your Adonis physique?

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